About Scaffolding Solutions

Scaffolding Solutions, LLC was founded in 2002 on the business concept to operate a company to deliver excellence in everything that we do. Commitment is easy to promote
but much more difficult to live by. Scaffolding Solutions and all its employees live by this commitment every day, on every job and with every customer.

This difference is supported by the unique benefits of the European-designed Turner OCTO® Scaffolding System we exclusively utilize. The Turner OCTO® product’s special patented safety locking design and unobstructed worker access provide users safety and productivity advantages unmatched in the scaffolding industry. Turner OCTO® scaffolding and Scaffolding Solutions’ business commitment are the bedrock foundation upon which our company is built.

Commitment to Safety

There are no shortcuts to safety. Scaffolding Solutions, LLC integrates a safety culture and mindset in each employee’s job requirement. This begins with training and certification of skill requirements by position. The training ranges from basic scaffolding erection and safety techniques to first aid, CPR, blood borne pathogens, confined space and other occupational job specific training requirements.

Commitment to Professionalism and Integrity

Professional conduct is an individual employee requirement at Scaffolding Solutions. Each employee and the company are committed to handle every project, customer and business situation with the highest of professional standards. Integrity is fundamental to our professional values. Our company is built on these principles with the safety and productivity advantages of Turner OCTO® Scaffolding and a team of dedicated professionals who believe in and are committed to delivering our customers the best scaffolding solutions available.