How Scaffolding Solutions Helped Western Waterproofing Overcome the Challenges of Installing Roof Scaffolding on a Greenville, SC Hospital Building

Posted on May 24, 2021 in Case Studies

Bon Secours hospital scaffolding projectThe 14-story brick building that housed Bon Secours hospital in Greenville, S.C. was starting to show signs of its age. Over the decades, construction technology had improved by leaps and bounds, and it was now time to undergo a modern renovation.

Bon Secours hired Western Waterproofing as the contractor for a portion of the job. However, because the hospital still needed to provide care to patients, having construction workers haul materials up the elevators was out of the question.

Western Waterproofing turned to Scaffolding Solutions to tackle the job of installing a safe and reliable scaffolding system for this 10-phase project. They had worked with Scaffolding Solutions on a previous job and knew they could safely and efficiently complete this complex project.

The Challenge

Since the hospital mandated that construction disruptions be kept to a bare minimum, the project was scheduled in 10 different phases. This would allow only one section of the building to remain shut down while renovation work progressed.

The biggest challenge by far was installing scaffolding on the roof. The contractor had hired another company to install the necessary steel beams, and it was up to Scaffolding Solutions to install the reshoring for support.

Due to work taking place outdoors, wind, lighting, and rain added additional safety challenges. The addition of Poly and Netting changes wind loads, and exact calculations were required to ensure that they stay in place.

The bricks of the building posed an additional problem as well—due to their age, they were crumbling in many places and Scaffolding Solutions needed to develop a different tie system that would allow for safe attachment of the scaffolding directly to the building.

The Solution

The scaffolding install project required several customized solutions. Thanks to the unstable brickwork, Scaffolding Solutions developed a special welded bracket. It allowed them to anchor the scaffolding past the brick and directly into the building’s structural steel. This provided stable and secure anchoring points.

Scaffolding Solutions also installed a Geda 660 hoist system, and that enabled workers to safely lift materials and people up and down without entering into the hospital building itself. When you shut down a block of hospital rooms for construction, revenue loss begins immediately. As such, the timing of the work required precision coordination and laser-accurate time estimations.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Scaffolding Solutions needed to adhere to special considerations that helped ensure the safety of workers, patients, and hospital personnel. This included working at night and wearing special badges to gain access to the hospital.

“This project required multiple out-of-the-box solutions to meet the demands of the hospital and contractor timeframes while ensuring the safety of workers and everyone on the job site. We had our work cut out for us and knew we could deliver outstanding results.”

~Brian Lish, Scaffolding Solutions

The Result

Bon Secours hospital scaffolding project

Scaffolding Solutions successfully and safely installed several systems, including the OCTO, Swing Stages by BeeAccess, Geda 660, and hoists from BetaMax. Western Waterproofing and the hospital were very pleased with the results of this complicated project. The job was completed on time and on budget with minimal disruption to hospital operations.

Let Scaffolding Solutions Help You Tackle Your Next Scaffolding Install Project

At Scaffolding Solutions, our experience and technical know-how allow us to undertake the most complex and challenging jobs. Our hoist and scaffolding systems are safe, cost-effective, and durable.

We can support your current or next job at any phase of the project with a strong dedication to integrity and professionalism. Contact us today to see why more contractors choose Scaffolding Solutions to help solve their unique challenges.

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