How Scaffolding Solutions Fulfilled The Vision Of A Multimedia Art Exhibit

Posted on March 10, 2020 in Case Studies, News


In need of a commercial scaffolding project in Washington, DC for her exhibit, multimedia artist Heather Theresa Clark knew that finding a solution for her art piece The Erasure of Time would require a group of skilled scaffolding craftsmen.

To bring her carefully constructed soundscape to life, Clark would require custom-built oversized commercial scaffolding. This would be the best solution and most durable structure for her unique artistic needs.

The Challenge

Many challenges were faced by Scaffolding Solutions, including the types of item supports, the location of the work, and the scaffolding’s overall appearance.

Located at the American University Museum in Washington, DC, The Erasure of Time would need to accommodate both the aspects of an art piece and the foundations of industrial scaffolding. Large water fountains, heavy fans, and multiple record players would each require specific placement, as well as adequate support for all desired artistic effects.

The unique location of the project would require additional care and attention, ensuring that all pieces were constructed securely and without any structural imbalances.

The Solution

All professionals working on The Erasure of Time were briefed with expected deadlines and processes, as well as all limitations of the job compared with standard industry scaffolding projects.

Designers at Scaffolding Solutions took into account each area of consideration before beginning the installation process.

To solve the challenges associated with scaffolding of such specifications, the company repeatedly engaged in close collaboration with all partners on the project.

The Result

Scaffolding Solutions rose to the challenge by constructing an oversized commercial scaffolding piece that accommodated each of the artist’s requests.

Utilizing a special scaffolding technology with patented integrated safety locks, the final project created unobstructed access to all aspects of the exhibit. This provided both safety and timely productivity for the artist to optimize her work before its debut.

The ability to surpass tight limitations on installation, design, and appearance marks Scaffolding Solutions as a leading provider of innovative scaffolding.



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