An Innovative Approach To Suspended Scaffolding for a College Stadium

Posted on August 12, 2020 in Case Studies, News

basketball stadium commercial scaffolding projectWestern Carolina University needed to rework the facade on its basketball stadium. To do this, they needed to get construction personnel and heavy materials up to height, but there were a few challenges that prevented them from taking a generic approach.

Working with a general contractor, Scaffolding Solutions provided an innovative solution that allowed them to get going on the project safely and at a minimal cost.

The Challenge

The key challenge with the facade project was access. While the stadium wasn’t enormously high (coming to about 90 feet at points), some issues prevented easy access.

Normally at these heights, a scissor lift or similar solution would be sufficient, but the paving stones used on the ground ruled out that option. If a lift had been used, it would have damaged the pavers below.

Another challenge was the uniqueness of the structure itself. Most buildings have a parapet—a sort of raised lip—around the edge of the roof where parapet clamps could be used to secure a swing stage scaffold, but WCU’s basketball stadium had no such anchor points. If a swing stage scaffold was to be used, it would involve either an expensive or a creative solution.

Adding to the challenges was the fact that this project would take place on a strict time frame (getting the stadium ready for the sports season) in a region with high winds and lots of storms.

The Solution

While other scaffolding providers would have implemented more expensive options, Scaffolding Solutions opted for a more creative approach.

To secure swing stage scaffolding to a building with no roof anchors or tieback points, we decided to run tieback anchors across the 300-foot roof and secure them to the opposing side of the building with parapet hooks. From there, a line was run down to the ground from the hooks with a counterweight to provide extra stability.

Using this system, we set up four BISOMAC hoists to suspend a pair of 45-foot Altrex platforms (which was more efficient than the trio of 30-foot platforms offered by a competitor). We added a pair of Beta Max Leo hoists with 1,000 pounds of capacity—perfect for running 800-pound glass panels up to the work area.

On top of that, we were able to provide training and certification to the personnel who would be working on the platforms, thus helping maintain compliance with OSHA regulations for at-height worksites.

The Result

The result of this solution was to allow construction personnel to get to work on the building’s facade without sacrificing safety or damaging the paving stones at the base. In addition, they were saved the expense of more costly solutions such as setting up barriers on the opposite side of the stadium or using shorter platforms that would require more manpower.

Having cemented a high level of confidence in our ability, they trusted us to continue assisting with the project. To complete the project even faster, the customer asked for two more platforms to double up on the work being done.

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