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Posted on April 7, 2021 in Scaffolding

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Octo Scaffolding
Octo Scaffolding
Octo Scaffolding

At Scaffolding Solutions, we’re committed to enabling safe work at height, and for that reason, we exclusively use the advanced OCTO® scaffolding system. OCTO® is one of the safest scaffolding systems in today’s industry, with an innovative design that supports a variety of complex projects and industries.

“We’re providing worker access in and around plant machinery and equipment, for very unique applications, very demanding. We have to have the greatest flexibility possible.”

~Roger Jetton, President, Scaffolding Solutions

Manufactured in Europe to meet standards such as ISO9001:2008, OCTO®’s characteristic assembly method, and locking design set it apart from other scaffolding systems.

“There’s no question system scaffolding has much higher safety”

Assembling OCTO® scaffolding does not require the use of harnesses, yet it still conforms to all safe work at height regulations.

Using the GuardAid® assembly tool and OCTO® methodology, scaffolding is automatically braced as it is erected. Workers secure double guardrails, then install platforms before moving upwards, a process that makes sure the structure is secure throughout construction. A streamlined design with a flush working platform reduces trip hazards, and metal toeboards stop tools or debris from falling from height.

The OCTO® joint design is unlike any other competing scaffold system. With parts connected by a tamper-resistant sleeve mechanism, you can be confident a completed OCTO® scaffolding system will achieve weight loading requirements and meet (or even exceed) safety standards.

“The design and engineering of our connecting joints have very positive safety benefits.”

Thanks to an innovative design, OCTO® joints actually tighten and become safer over time, unlike other scaffolding systems with connections that are susceptible to loosening from vibration and movement.

Scaffolding Solutions is at the cutting edge of safe work at height, which is why we use OCTO® scaffolding systems for our customers. Its safety features provide confidence, helping workers do their jobs with ease.

“Flexibility for designing around complex structures”

With OCTO® scaffolding, creating a stable work area around a complicated building or facility is simple, thanks to the versatile OCTO® cup design.

Up to eight components can be attached into a single cup at the same level, allowing a designer to create highly customized configurations. The unique 360-degree connections permit nearly limitless possibilities for a scaffolding formation.

In industries where scaffolding must follow the contours of intricate machinery, specialized buildings, and unconventional rooflines, OCTO® provides superior versatility when compared to other scaffolding systems.

OCTO® scaffolding can help workers access challenging locations such as:

  • Historical façades
  • Radar towers
  • Oil rig flare stacks
  • Aircraft docks
  • Museum displays

Besides the ability to adapt to unusual dimensions, OCTO® scaffolding also assembles with platforms of varying depths and widths. This means workers with tools and supplies will have enough space to do their jobs safely.

“Project schedules are critical”

With 50% fewer components than competing scaffolding systems, using OCTO® makes for faster assembly and disassembly. Fewer pieces mean less weight and less cost to transport scaffolding components.

Extending scaffolding as work progresses helps workers maintain steady progress. With modular parts and the GuardAid® tool, OCTO® scaffolding keeps downtime minimal for assembly and disassembly. And as the project schedule changes, a OCTO® structure accommodates reconfiguration quickly and easily.

The flexible nature of OCTO® scaffolding provides effective access to complex, hard-to-reach areas.

“They can do whatever is important from caulking to replacing rotting rotten wood, putting into the windows, facing a brick mortar, repointing, painting, new gutters, or in the case of a new building, putting all that on the first time.”

Compared to smaller platforms, larger platform sizes that fit workers, tools, and supplies reduce the time needed to bring materials to height.

Even daily inspections are quicker with OCTO® scaffolding systems, as a competent person can quickly inspect scaffolding joints as per OSHA requirements. This ease of assessment provides a high level of worker safety and minimal impact on the project schedule.

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At Scaffolding Solutions, we’re dedicated to partnerships that achieve the scaffolding design that keeps workers safe, and projects on schedule. We have years of experience across various industries, and we’re proud to offer OCTO®, one of the safest scaffolding systems in the business.

From restoring sensitive historical structures to repairing and maintaining difficult-to-reach equipment at height, we can handle your scaffolding from start to finish using the superior OCTO® scaffolding system.

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