Technical Skills & Safety Training

A career in scaffolding requires its own specialized training due to the nature of the work performed.

Scaffolding Solutions is currently participating in a Career Technical Center (CTC) program that will be part of a long-term process for building the technical skills required for positions in the scaffolding field. The CTC program is designed to create career paths outside of college.

The specific positions in scaffolding work include the following:

  • Erectors
  • Foremen
  • Hoist technicians
  • Apprentices
  • Helpers
  • Class A flatbed truck drivers

Career Technical Center Opportunities

The courses in Scaffolding Solutions’ CTC program are taught at the Richmond Adult Technical Center (RATC). The school provides vocational instruction for students who are serving as apprentices, providing them with the opportunity to upgrade skills or change careers entirely.

Each program includes two semesters, lasting about 14 weeks each and consisting of around 75 hours of instruction. Course descriptions are current at the time the course catalog is published. RATC regularly adds classes to its curriculum to meet the changing needs of its students, and course dates may also change at the school’s discretion.

Scaffolding Solutions’ Partnership With CTC

Much of the benefits of scaffolding training are related to minimizing the risk of injury to those using this equipment. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) enforces safety regulations for workplace equipment, including scaffolding.

Scaffolding Solutions supports training conducted through Richmond’s CTC because it not only improves safety among employees but other visitors to our worksites. This training helps us support the culture of safety we’ve integrated into every position on our professional team.

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