Workforce Development

Workforce development is essential for the economic growth of any community. It also allows individuals to gain better control over their own future.

Scaffolding Solutions is participating in a workforce development program in the greater Richmond area for the following scaffolding positions:

  • Erectors
  • Foremen
  • Hoist technicians
  • Apprentices
  • Helpers
  • Class A flatbed truck drivers

Richmond’s Workforce Pipeline Program

Richmond is the only city in its region that has implemented a program to assist businesses in recruiting and developing talent. It also works with the local workforce to train them for new jobs. The Richmond Workforce Pipeline (RWP) program has served over 100 businesses since its inception.

The RWP helps people who would otherwise have difficulty finding local jobs. Training primarily consists of employable, soft skills that apply to employment, like dressing properly, shaking hands, and being punctual, rather than the technical skills of a particular job. The training lasts for 12 to 13 weeks, and students rotate around various companies during that time.

Scaffolding Solutions’ Partnership With RWP

Scaffolding Solutions partners with the RWP to build our own talented workforce. This partnership helps us connect with qualified job seekers through more concentrated recruiting, screening, and training processes.

Motivated participants in this program are able to take control of their careers by developing their employment development plans in accordance with their personal aptitudes and interests. RWP staff members also help participants connect gaps in their training that may be preventing them from meeting their employment goals.

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