Scaffolding Solutions provides scaffolding for industrial projects of all sizes and types. No matter what your specific needs are, Scaffolding Solutions will come up with a scaffolding solution just for you. Founded in 2002, Scaffolding Solutions has provided professional scaffolding services for well over a decade.

What’s Special About Scaffolding Solutions?

  • Each project is custom designed and built from beginning to end
  • Precise setup and breakdown process that saves time and effort
  • Jobs are always kept clean and uncluttered
  • Our emphasis on safety is evident from our superior safety record
  • Our Turner OCTO® scaffolding offers a uniquely effective, european-designed solution

Better Scaffolding And The Best People

Scaffolding Solutions always provides experienced, full-time employees for your industrial projects. You won’t have to worry about part-time workers with no experience who will hinder the efficiency of your project.

Find Us For Your Industrial Scaffolding

Scaffolding Solutions offers scaffolding services along the east coast– from the Washington DC area down to South Carolina. With offices spread across several states, Scaffolding Solutions is here for you no matter where you’re job is located.

For more information, contact Scaffolding Solutions at 800-295-8995.