Scaffolding for Government, Higher Education, and Other Institutions

When working on institutional construction, renovation or preservation projects, it’s important to have scaffolding you can trust.

Not only is your scaffolding there to provide safe support for your crew, it may also need to leave room for students and faculty to pass through safely.

Scaffolding Solutions can make that possible with a customized plan, built from scratch by Scaffolding Solutions engineers. You’ll get a system that makes your work easier and provides safety for both your crew and others navigating around your project.

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What Makes Scaffolding Solutions Different?

With Scaffolding Solutions, you get exactly what you need, where you need it–nothing more, nothing less. That means no figuring out how it should go together on site, no messy equipment lying around that’s not needed, and less time on-site getting the scaffolding in place and ready to use, so your crew can get to work work faster.

Scaffolding Solutions only uses it’s full-time employees to complete jobs. No part-time workers with little experience that slow the process down or even put people in danger.

Institutional Scaffolding In Your Area

Scaffolding Solutions is proud to provide scaffolding and ancillary services from Washington DC to Charleston, South Carolina. With multiple offices in between, including Richmond and Chesapeake, VA, Scaffolding Solutions can provide the scaffolding resources you need to get the job done.

For more information, contact Scaffolding Solutions at 800-295-8995.