Full-Service Shoring

Whether you’re expanding an existing building, beginning new constructing, reconfiguring, remodeling, renovating or changing, structural shoring is an important aspect of any industrial project.

At Scaffolding Solutions, we specialize in providing a temporary customized solution for your application, regardless of its building type.

Shoring In Construction

Shoring is essentially a temporary prop or support to help relieve or support walls or foundations as work is being performed. Shoring also assists with the transfer of loads throughout building construction.

Shoring systems must have the following capabilities:

  • Supportive of various load sizes
  • Easily assembled
  • Adaptable

There are various types of shoring systems, such as heavy-duty props, multi-props, slab props, flex shoring, and shoring towers.

Shoring can be carried out vertically, horizontally or angled, and is most commonly used on construction sites, as walls need to be properly propped, or supported, while work is being performed. Once proper long-term supports are in place, the shoring system can be removed.

Shoring Solutions

At Scaffolding Solutions, we offer a wide range of shoring services, including customized options.

Temporary Shoring

Temporary shoring solutions are assembled and disassembled on site. All shoring systems are technically temporary in that they’re only used on a short-term basis, yet some systems may be in place longer than others depending on the complexity and longevity of the project.

Shoring Tower

Shoring towers offer the most flexibility and tend to be the safest of all shoring systems, thanks to their adaptability to handle various types of product loads. Towers feature self-securing decks, flat working areas and the ability to transfer concentrated loads.

Retaining Walls

Basement walls and foundations are perhaps the best examples of a retaining wall, as such walls are basically just rigid structures to support soil mass, usually between two different elevations.

Shoring Walls

Shoring walls are typically used during excavations or refurbishing as props or support.

For instance, if a wall needs to be refinished, a shoring wall may be assembled on the site so that work can be performed in a safe manner.

Comprehensive, Custom Shoring Solutions

All shoring solutions utilize the Waco-style Hi-Load shoring system, the proven industry standard for most shoring applications.

You can trust the team at Scaffolding Solutions to assess, evaluate and design a customized shoring system for your specific needs to include equipment rental and installation.

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Scaffolding Solutions provides custom, comprehensive scaffolding, and reshoring services in the Eastern US – from Washington, DC to Charleston, SC. For more information, or to request a quote, contact Scaffolding Solutions at 800-295-8995.


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