Suspended Scaffolding for Hotels

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Much effort goes into keeping a hotel running, including physical building maintenance. That maintenance work ranges from interior cleaning to exterior upkeep and inspections.

Suspended scaffolding from Scaffolding Solutions is an essential part of hotel maintenance, whether you’re performing routine inspections or emergency repairs.

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Exterior Hotel Maintenance & Repair

Every year (typically during the winter months), hotel balconies need to be inspected for signs of wear and damage. These inspections are vital to keeping hotel properties safe for guests and minimizing liability. Our scaffolding systems play an essential role in these inspections, as well as in the course of building maintenance and repairs.

Balcony inspections

Central to performing balcony inspections on high rise hotel buildings is elevated access with suspended scaffolding. Workers on these scaffolds can quickly scale up to the exact height they need to perform their inspections.

These annual balcony inspections are particularly important for coastal properties located near seawater. The salt in the air will corrode the steel used in these balconies over time, causing extensive damage if left unattended. Corrosion and other issues on these balconies will be identified by an inspector on a suspended scaffold.

Balcony repair

Any issues found on hotel balconies need to be fixed promptly. Again, the use of suspended swing stage scaffolding is key to performing this kind of lightweight work. Maintenance workers can quickly reach the work area and perform the needed repairs without the need for extensive scaffolding supports.

Hotel maintenance

Hotel maintenance involves more than just balcony inspections. Glass windows need to be cleaned, paint or coating needs to be touched up, and minor exterior repairs may be necessary. Swing stage scaffolding systems are ideal for these applications.

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Quality Suspended Scaffolding for Hotels

Scaffolding Solutions offers high quality suspended scaffolding products, including platforms, beams, rigging, and state-of-the-art hoists.

Quality platforms

We use staging manufactured by Altrex, which offers premier aluminum platforms. Designed for both modularity and strength, they are the best staging manufacturer in the world.

State of the art hoists

Bee Access hoists are some of the best in the world, including their latest BISOMAC308 traction hoist. We offer these state of the art hoists, which are built with reliability and ease of maintenance in mind.

Industry expertise

With our high level of experience with suspended scaffolding, we offer our customers expert construction and installation with a quick turnaround. If your hotel needs emergency maintenance—or if your next balcony inspection is coming up soon—we can provide the platforms and equipment you need to resolve the issue promptly.

Choose Scaffolding Solutions for Hotel Maintenance

At Scaffolding Solutions, we offer quality suspended scaffolding systems that you can rely on.

Our systems are solidly built from robust materials, which lets your workers feel safe when working at height. If you need a quick turnaround time, our responsiveness enables us to meet your needs in a pinch.

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