Traction Hoist for Suspended Scaffolding

You need reliable hoists for lifting your suspended scaffolding as well as materials and personnel. For the power and durability required for your elevated working applications, Scaffolding Solutions provides top of the line traction hoists manufactured by Bee Access.

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About Bee Access Traction Hoists

Scaffolding Solutions supplies contractors with high-quality equipment for working at height. The traction hoists we carry are perfect for a wide range of elevated working applications.

In particular, we offer Bee Access BISOMAC traction hoists, including their 210 and 308 models and accessories. BISOMAC traction hoists are powerful and durable, yet also compact and lightweight, making them easy to transport around your work area.

Whether you need a low voltage hoist for lightweight building maintenance or more robust units for use in construction, we have you covered.

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Types of Traction Hoists

Bee Access manufactures two primary models of BISOMAC hoists, the 210 and 308. As an authorized dealer of Bee Access products, we offer both models as well as accessories for the 210 model.

BISOMAC210 Traction Hoist

BISOMAC210 traction hoist

The BISOMAC210 traction hoist comes in a range of capacities and configurations, including one phase, three phase, and pneumatic. Weight capacities range from 750 to 1500 pounds, and the model includes the following features:

  • Overload protection integration on some models
  • Wire rope friendly
  • Side cover access for easy maintenance
  • Two carrying grips
  • Minimal parts for improved reliability


BISOMAC308 Traction Hoist

BISOMAC308 traction hoist

With a variety of features including silent operation and the lowest number of wear parts of any hoist on the market, the BISOMAC308 is Bee Access’s newest and most innovative model available. Additional features the BISOMAC308 provides include:

  • 750 to 1250 pounds capacity
  • Overload protection available
  • Fold-up components for easy storage
  • Wire rope friendly
  • Balanced carrying grips
  • Side cover access

BISOMAC210 Accessories

In addition to their traction hoists, Bee Access also has accessories available for use with their BISOMAC210 model, including canvas hoist covers and remote controls.

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Traction Hoist Safety

At Scaffolding Solutions, we take safety very seriously, which is why we only offer the highest quality hoists and services.

Weight thresholds

We make certain that the products delivered are capable of handling the types of loads and stresses our customers face daily. When choosing traction hoists for your suspended scaffolding, we’ll help you select the appropriate model for your needs.

Safe installation

No matter how safe your equipment is, working at height will always have its inherent risks. We can assist you in safely installing your traction hoists and other scaffolding equipment, along with offering training to ensure your personnel uses the equipment as safely as possible.


Scaffolding Solutions is a certified member of the SAIA (Scaffold & Access Industry Association). SAIA is committed to promoting safety in the scaffolding industry, and we’re proud to be a part of this organization.

Choosing The Right Traction Hoist For Suspended Scaffolding Applications

When you’re looking for traction hoists to use with your suspended scaffolding, we can guide you through the process of choosing the best model for your application. Between our commitment to professionalism and our emphasis on safety, Scaffolding Solutions can help you make the right choice.

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