Scaffolding For Old Courthouse Clock Tower in Warrenton, VA

Posted on September 15, 2018 in News

Scaffolding Solutions has erected scaffolding to support the renovation of the old courthouse in Warrenton. Six levels of scaffolding were constructed around the clock tower. The 6th and highest level stands at approximately 80 feet above the street level. Scaffolding was set up quickly and safely. The platforms provide 360-degree access to the tower making renovations and painting a little easier.

image credit: Lawrence Emerson / 

The courthouse and tower truly have a long history of rebuilds and renovations. The fact that we at Scaffolding Solutions had an opportunity to be immersed in the structures rich history means a lot to the company. This project is a great example of why we love being part of historic building renovations.

For more details please refer to the Courthouse Scaffolding Project article published by FauquierNow.