When you need an easy-to-use, quick-to-set-up scaffolding product that’s safer than other options, you need system scaffolding.

Incorporating a fall prevention methodology, versatile design functionality, and a lightweight footprint, system scaffolding is the hassle-free solution for your project.

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Advantages of System Scaffolding

OCTO system scaffolding is the industry-preferred scaffolding solution. It’s superior to older, less customizable products because it’s stronger, safer, and more versatile. It also costs less to install and requires a smaller storage area at job sites.

With system scaffolding, you:

  • Save money by using 50% fewer pieces.
  • Enjoy a faster and easier installation.
  • Spend less on transporting and storing materials.
  • Bear more weight safely at higher heights.
  • Create a scaffolding setup with complex custom dimensions.
  • Enjoy the security that comes with using the industry’s safest scaffolding.

No matter your job, system scaffolding is up to it. Whether you’re repairing a large ship, carefully restoring a 300-year-old building, or painting a hospital tower, the answer is system scaffolding.

How System Scaffolding Works

Unlike older scaffolding systems with two legs rigidly connected, system scaffolding is a modular, supported scaffolding product. Each point of connection is held together with an infallible locking mechanism that gets tighter with use.

These flexible design features allow for the perfect fit for each unique job or project. With system scaffolding, we can create a foundation for work around complex structures while maximizing worker productivity and safety.

See some of our system recent projects:

Scaffolding Project Arlington Courthouse in Arlington, VA.

Scaffolding for the 2021 Presidential Inauguration in D.C.

Safety & Fall Prevention With System Scaffolding

system scaffolding for a project on a historic courthouseAt Scaffolding Solutions, we prize safety above all else. This heavy emphasis on safety is just one more reason we recommend system scaffolding over other products.

System scaffolding is inherently safer because the OCTO® system we use is engineered to be more stable than other scaffolding options. With this system, you can expect leg loads of up to eight metric tons, higher height capability, and structure for falsework applications.

The components are also designed to be stronger and more easily handled. These factors play a significant role in reducing potential trip hazards and gaps. Locking mechanisms tighten with use, and the daily OSHA required safety inspection is simple and easy. So you know it will get done.

Additionally, the erection process complies fully with Work at Height Regulations. And the use of GuardAid®, a scaffold positional tool, reduces the chance of fall from height.

With these safeguards in place, you can be sure you’re not putting your crew at risk.

The Superiority of OCTO® System Scaffolding

While there are other options available for system scaffolding, we prefer and use OCTO® because it’s safer and more versatile. This scaffolding system’s versatility comes from the 360° joint connection, which makes OCTO® ideal for a variety of industries.

Clients with tight deadlines trust us to safely and quickly erect their scaffolding. The combination of OCTO® and GuardAid® eliminates the need for harnesses, which means we have fewer components to assemble. With fewer components comes less weight, meaning we can erect your scaffolding and dismantle it much quicker than competitors.

OCTO® scaffolding has been used in construction, industrial, aviation, and marine markets for over 100 years. The system has been continually tried, tested, and improved over this time to increase versatility, safety, and productivity.

For these reasons, we trust OCTO® scaffolding for our customers.

StepUp Scaffold Systems

Need System Scaffolding For Your Next Project?

It’s easy to get started with our system scaffolding solutions. As a full-service scaffolding equipment installation and rental supplier, our experts are equipped to handle your scaffold project from start to finish.

We’re also collaborative project experts who can work in tandem to ensure your project is completed on time and within budget.

Our scaffolding services include:

  • Rentals
  • Delivery
  • Erection
  • Dismantling

With years of experience on many different job sites, we’ll make your scaffolding installation hassle-free and affordable.

To get started today or for more information on Scaffolding Solutions and the OCTO® system, contact us today at 866-324-9401. Or request a quote.

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