Turner OCTO® Scaffolding From Scaffolding Solutions

What if you could find a scaffolding system that’s easy to use, quick to set up, and safer than other scaffolding services? Would you use it?

That’s exactly what you get with Scaffolding Solutions, and more!

Scaffolding Solutions can make your work faster, easier, and safer to complete. Whether you’re repairing a large ship or you’re carefully restoring a 300-year-old building.

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Why The Turner OCTO® Scaffolding System Is Superior

The Turner OCTO® Scaffolding System has gained industry recognition as the most versatile scaffolding set up on the market. In fact, the scaffolding is designed for versatility, improved safety, and increased productivity.

A commitment to continued growth and innovation has put Turner Group at the forefront of the global scaffolding industry.

360° Connection Designed For Versatility

The versatility of this scaffolding system comes from the 360° joint connection and makes OCTO® ideal for a variety of industries. So what does this mean for you? It means, leg loads of up to 8 metric tons, higher height capability, and structure for falsework applications.

Fall Prevention Methodology

With the OCTO® scaffolding, components are designed to be easily handled, stronger,  and safer. These factors play a significant role in reducing potential trip hazards and gaps.

The erection process compies full with Work at Height Regulations. The use of GuardAid®, a scaffold positional tool reduces the chance of fall from height.

man installing a scaffolding platform

Scaffolding Designed for Increased Productivity

Clients with tight deadlines have trusted us to safely and quickly erect their scaffolding. The combination of Turner OCTO® and GuardAid® eliminates the need for harnesses which means we have fewer components to assemble. With fewer components comes less weight, meaning we can erect your scaffolding and dismantle it in less time than our competitors.

A Tried-And-True Scaffolding System

Turner OCTO® scaffolding has been used in construction, industrial, aviation, and marine markets for over 100 years. The system has been continually tried, tested, and tweaked over this time to increase versatility, improve safety, and increase productivity.

Need Scaffolding Services For Your Next Project?

It’s easy to get started with the Turner OCTO® through Scaffolding Solutions. Our scaffolding services offer versatility and accuracy by holding scaffolding in place, quickly and safely. With years of experience on a variety of job sites, we’ll make your scaffolding set up hassle-free.

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As full-service scaffolding contractors, our expert’s are equipped to handle your scaffold project from start to finish. We’ll make sure that the scaffolding is set up safely and conveniently providing any additional scaffolding after the project.

Our scaffolding services include:

  • Delivery
  • Erection
  • Dismantling

To get started today or for more information on Scaffolding Solutions and the Turner OCTO® system, contact us today at 800-295-9445.