Plus Eight Scaffolding From Scaffolding Solutions

What if you could find a scaffolding system that’s easy to use, quick to set up, and safer than other scaffolding services? Would you use it?

That’s exactly what you get with Scaffolding Solutions, plus more!

Scaffolding Solutions can make your work faster, easier, and safer to complete. Whether you’re repairing a large ship or you’re carefully restoring a 300-year-old building.

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Why The Plus Eight Scaffolding System Is Superior

Scaffolding Solutions leverages a superior Danish-designed scaffolding system called Plus Eight Scaffolding.

The Plus Eight Scaffolding System has gained industry recognition as the most versatile scaffolding set up on the market. With a unique 8-way design, you can mount up to eight components, transforms, cantilever brackets, at any angle in each cup.

This unprecedented versatility makes Plus Eight scaffolding suitable for all building applications — high, low, wide, narrow, and everything in between.
man installing a scaffolding platform

Ergonomic Design For Quicker Building And Increased Stability

The design of the Plus Eight system can work with virtually any application and save time on the setup. In fact, the Plus Eight Modular Scaffold System holds a registered world record for the fastest built scaffold. It took two men 19.59 minutes for a full installation.

A Scaffolding System Designed For Versatility

The Plus Eight design also provides incredible flexibility for all types of applications. Its exceptional versatility starts with the scaffold frames and standards. They are comprised of the same components allowing any combination of the two types to be used.

Quick Look At Scaffolding Services In Action

Let’s say you need a simple frame scaffolding to run up the side of a flat building facade. However, the ground is uneven, making a traditional frame scaffolding installation challenging.

The Plus Eight system enables you to use modular scaffolding on the ground and a desired frame scaffolding for the building facade. Best of all, the system makes it easy to configure and quick to set up.

A Tried-And-True Scaffolding System

Plus Eight scaffolding has been used for everyday applications for over 30 years. The system has been continually tried, tested, and tweaked over this time to safely increase productivity.

Need Scaffolding Services For Your Next Project?

It’s easy to get started with the Plus Eight system through Scaffolding Solutions. Our scaffolding services offer versatility and accuracy by holding scaffolding in place, quickly and safely. With years of experience on a variety of job sites, we’ll make your scaffolding set up hassle-free.

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As full-service scaffolding contractors, our expert’s are equipped to handle your scaffold project from start to finish. We’ll make sure that the scaffolding is set up safely and conveniently providing any additional scaffolding after the project.

Our scaffolding services include:

  • Delivery
  • Erection
  • Dismantling

To get started today or for more information on Scaffolding Solutions and the Plus Eight system, contact us today at 800-295-9445.