Scaffolding Solutions Brings State-of-the-Art Safety to the Virginia General Assembly Building Remodel

Posted on February 24, 2021 in Case Studies

The Virginia General Assembly Building in downtown Richmond was overdue for significant reconstruction. The structure was to be torn down and entirely rebuilt by Gilbane Building Company. The 15-story building would blend old and new, preserving the original 1912 limestone façade while modernizing the rooms and public spaces.

As the new build had no internal elevator, Gilbane needed a way to get workers and materials from floor to floor. They contacted the local experts, Scaffolding Solutions, who provided a versatile solution with superior safety features.

The Challenge

Scaffolding Hoist in Richmond, VirginiaSafety was one of Gilbane Building Company’s major concerns. The scaffolding had to offer a safe environment for everyone on the project. This was of critical importance as the construction progressed upwards.

Without an internal elevator, it was up to the hoist system to lift all the workers, tools, and materials to each floor. Work on the Virginia General Assembly Building could progress only as fast as the hoist could feed the job. To keep the project on track, reliability, and lift capacity were essential.

Then after the project was underway, the team discovered an unexpected 15-inch variance between the base pad and the actual building façade.

The Solution

After discovering the measurements didn’t match the existing building façade, Scaffolding Solutions quickly got to work revising their plans. They were able to reconfigure the hoist and produce a new set of drawings within one day, which is an impressive turnaround.

For the project, Scaffolding Solutions chose a Scando 650 Dual Hoist system. Like an elevator on the side of the building, the hoist (capable of lifting 7,100 pounds) consisted of two fully enclosed cars operating independently on either side of a central mast. Using dual cars, rather than the more common single-car option, Gilbane could easily maintain productivity on the job site.

Scaffolding Solutions selected a Scando system because it integrates safety into the design.

“Our number one goal every single day is safety,” says Danny Dunbar, Project Manager for Scaffolding Solutions. “Scando has far more safety features compared to other systems.”

The Scando hoist used for the Virginia General Assembly Building construction included:

  • Magnetic and electronic interlocks to prevent doors from opening while the hoist was in motion
  • Pre-programmed landing locations for each floor
  • Loading doors that automatically locked when the hoist left the ground
  • Doors that could only be opened from the inside while the hoist was off the ground

Plus, with Scaffolding Solutions being based out of Richmond, hoist technicians could be on-site quickly if equipment needed servicing.

The Result

Gilbane was delighted with everything Scaffolding Solutions provided. The equipment worked smoothly from day one, and there were no safety concerns.

Selecting the Scando 650 Dual Hoist was an incredibly productive choice. “Having a dedicated material car while still being able to move personnel floor to floor was a huge benefit,” says Dunbar.

Collaborating to solve the project’s challenges led to an excellent professional relationship between Gilbane and Scaffolding Solutions. Based on the strength of their partnership, Gilbane has already offered to team up with Scaffolding Solutions on another long-term project.

Scaffolding Solutions Is Committed to Safety

At Scaffolding Solutions, we’re dedicated to delivering scaffolding and hoist systems that are dependable, cost-effective, and above all, safe. We support jobs from pre-planning to execution, with professionalism and integrity as the foundation of everything we do.

Your project deserves the best in the industry. Let’s work together to solve your challenges.

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