Buck Hoists, Industrial Elevators, Material Hoists, and Other Access Solutions

Construction site elevators play a critical role in your ability to get people, equipment, and materials to where they need to go. It’s important to have construction scaffold elevators that are safe, dependable, and well-suited for your specific access needs.

Which Construction Elevators Are Right For You?

Several factors will determine which type of construction hoist elevator is right for your job. Below are the most common types of hoists and lifts for construction sites.

A general construction lift on the outside of a building

General Construction Hoists, Lifts, and Platforms

These buck hoists offer access to mid-rise and high-rise heights. They can carry anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand pounds. The lifts can be as simple as a portable scissor lift or as customized as fitted scaffolding hoists.

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An industrial elevator that's moving a forklift between levels

Industrial Elevators

These are similar to construction hoists but often have added safety mechanisms, weather and environment protection, and more.

Industrial scaffolding elevators may provide protection from exposure to harsh weather. We can construct them to withstand extreme environments, such as chemical exposure or hazardous materials.

These lifts tend to be more customized and can vary significantly in their design and configuration. They are typically designed to transport both personnel and material.

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A material hoist on a job site.

Material Hoists

These temporary lifts, commonly known as boiler hoists, are widely used for industrial and commercial construction applications. The material hoists available vary greatly, ranging from small lifts made to fit through small spaces to large lifts that can carry thousands of pounds of cargo.

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A transport platform situated between two scaffolding towers

Transport Platforms

These temporary lifts, also known as boiler hoists, are widely used in industrial and commercial construction projects. Available types can vary greatly, ranging in size from small to larger lifts.

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A Bee Aceess BISOMAC hoist motor for a construction elevator

Traction Hoists for Suspended Scaffolding

Traction hoists for suspended scaffolding are manufactured by Bee Access and offer unsurpassed quality and reliability.

Bee Access BISOMAC traction hoists deliver all the power required for the application in a compact, lightweight package that allows for easy transport around the job site.

BISOMAC traction hoists come in various weight capacities and configurations with additional features such as overload protection, silent operation, fold-up components, and more.

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Why Work with Scaffolding Solutions?

There are many benefits to letting Scaffolding Solutions install your next construction hoist or elevator:

Safety—We have an unwavering commitment to safety—we’ve achieved a Diamond Level Safety rating from ABC Step. We have an on-site project and safety management officer on all job sites.

On-Time Installation—We believe that our word is everything. When we say we’ll show up at a specific time, you can set your wristwatch to our arrival. We understand that time is money in the construction industry, and we also have the same punctuality when it comes to teardowns.

Experience Where it Counts—Our highly experienced team of engineers and technicians come from a wide range of construction backgrounds. They also undergo regular safety and qualification training to ensure we deliver the very best in elevator hoists. We offer expert engineering and design solutions to solve your toughest access challenges.

High-quality materials—At Scaffolding Solutions, we only use brand-name, high-quality elevators, hoists, and related components to ensure the safety of your workers and the job site.

Peace of mind—We have an impeccable safety record, and you can rest assured that we’ll get the job done right in the quoted time.

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Construction Elevator & Hoist Resources

To continue learning about construction elevators and hoists, click one of the links below.

Have a Question That We Didn’t Answer? 

Whether you need a temporary construction elevator for a few floors or a few stories, Scaffolding Solutions can help. We’ll help you find a cost-effective and safe construction hoist for transporting your personnel and materials throughout your job site. Give us a call today, and we’ll answer any questions you might have and discuss the right solution for your project.

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