How Unique Scaffolding Helped Navigate Gov’t Restrictions & Layout Obstacles

Clancy & Theys Construction Company was founded in Raleigh, North Carolina in 1949. They work a wide range of projects, from hotels to warehouses. They’re also known for the renovation and preservation of historic buildings and more. Clancy & Theys is a Top 100 CM at-Risk provider and Top 100 Green contractor.

This project involved a unique application of Turner OCTO Scaffolding and a Scando 650 Personnel Material Hoist. Managing government agency involvement and tricky architectural designs, Scaffolding Solutions was able to help Clancy & Theys work through their project quickly and effectively.

The Challenges

  • The building was built to the street easement and the Fire Department required the street to remain open.
  • The building itself reduced its footprint by 20 feet after the first eight floors.
  • The Scando 650 which is usually set perpendicular to a structure had to be set parallel to allow street access.

The Solutions

  • We designed a system that left street access open and allowed contractors access to the building with the Scando 650.
  • The Turner OCTO Platform provided roof access up to 185 feet high and access platforms starting at the 8th floor added support for 7200 lbs.
  • Load stress from the scaffold and the Scando 650 was pointed to certain locations to handle the stress.