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At Scaffolding Solutions, we believe that there are no shortcuts to safety. Our company integrates safety into each employee’s job requirements and we hold our employees to the highest standards. All of our scaffolding platforms are built to the highest level of security. This ensures that your employees and contractors are safe during their work shift.

If your business needs erecting and/or dismantling, consider working with a qualified person to get the job done right. Our team members are capable of identifying existing and predictable hazards of scaffolds and quickly removing dangers before problems arise.

Continue reading to learn more about our safety standards and the types of scaffolding we erect.

Focus On Scaffolding Safety

From start to finish our company will be with you every step of the way. We can suggest the best type of working platform for your job based on maximum intended loads, weather, and working hours.

Scaffolding Solutions takes extra precaution to make sure that each worker is kept safe while on the job site. We always provide the option for additional protective systems, such as:

  • Overhead protection tunnels to reduce falling object hazards
  • Jobsite containment
  • Safety netting
  • Confined space rescue teams
  • Personal fall arrest systems

Scaffolding Solutions also takes the time to educate workers on the proper protocol and safety requirements of working on scaffolding. We will inform the crews of our safety tags and what signs to look out for should something go wrong.

Our employees can promptly provide corrective measures to eliminate hazards on your scaffolds. If there are any problems with fall damage or conditions that are unsanitary, our team will work quickly to resolve it.

OCTO® Scaffolding System Is Safer

The OCTO® scaffolding equipment we use is safer and more versatile than most other scaffolding equipment available. Strength, safety and stability are achieved using a few well-balanced lightweight components connected vertically and horizontally with unique patented connectors.

All components are secured and will never loosen unintentionally through vibrations, etc. OCTO® scaffolding equipment not only gives the scaffold stability and strength but also allows it to follow the most “impossible” facades without dangerous “gaps” in the structure.

Extensively Trained & Highly Qualified Team Members

When you choose Scaffolding Solutions, you will work directly with highly-trained members of our team. Each of our employees undergoes rigorous job-safety training that involves basic scaffolding erection and safety techniques. Employees also receive first aid, CPR, and bloodborne pathogen training.

The team at Scaffolding Solutions can securely erect scaffolding and work with you to ensure that your crew members are safe. We want to see to it that your job site is fully secure by reducing the risk of hazards before they arise.

Our employees hold some of the industry’s leading safety awards, including:

To learn more about our outstanding safety procedures and training, read through our thorough company safety policy statement.

Adhering To Scaffolding Standards On Every Job Site

At Scaffolding Solutions, we want your work site to be safe, and that can start with the safe use of scaffolding. Having properly installed and erected scaffolding with trained employees can save you money and protect you against potential legal action.

Each of our scaffolds uses high-quality products and adheres to all OSHA safety standards. Our company erects scaffolding that includes toeboards, debris nets, and safety tags. We fully inspect the scaffolds to guarantee that they are within federal safety regulations. Scaffolds are made of weather-resistant, treated wood and are protected from updraft and wind uplift.

Training Employees & Contractors On Safe Use Of Scaffolding

After we erect a scaffold, we work directly with the job site crew to train them on proper scaffolding protocol. We will provide your contractors and employees with a thorough rundown of scaffolding safety.

We have a dedicated Risk Manager that is always thinking one step ahead. The Risk Manager has the authorization to take prompt corrective measures should any hazards arise. This ensures that all workers are safe while working on the scaffolding.

Our Risk Management team will make sure that your site is up to OSHA scaffolding standards before we leave a job site. Keeping your workforce safe is critical, while quality construction and education of scaffolding usage is a top priority.

Learn More From Our Scaffolding Safety Guide

Our company always strives to match our customer’s needs. We have successfully erected scaffolding for large and small businesses, government buildings, and residential projects alike. When you work with Scaffolding Solutions, you can be confident that you and your employees’ safety is forefront in our minds.

To learn more about our safety standards and training, read through our scaffolding safety guide. You can also contact Scaffolding Solutions if you have any questions about erecting or dismantling a scaffold for your job site.

Guide To Scaffolding Safety

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