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Posted on January 18, 2021 in Case Studies

Featured Scaffolding Projects

Our previous scaffolding projects have ranged anywhere from restorations to architectural design. Scaffolding Solutions provides equipment rental and installation services that are safe, efficient and keep projects moving forward. Read more about our featured projects and previous scaffolding work.

The National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, Washington D.C.

Scaffolding Project At National Shrine
Scaffolding Project In Washington D.C.

“It is not often that a Cardinal blesses workers, scaffolding and equipment with Holy Water, but that is what happened at this job site. The National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, D.C. is the largest Catholic church in North America, and one of the ten largest churches in the world. 

One particularly unique aspect of the Trinity Dome project was the installation of a personnel hoist (construction elevator) to move workers and materials up and down from the base of the elevated platform to the upper decks of the scaffolding in the dome.  Scaffolding Solutions was the access supplier… Read more.”

Other Scaffolding Projects

Clancy & Theys

The Clancy & Theys project involved a unique application of OCTO Scaffolding and a Scando 650 Personnel Material Hoist. Managing government agency involvement and tricky architectural designs, Scaffolding Solutions was able to help Clancy & Theys work through their project quickly and effectively.

Scaffolding Solutions designed a system that left street access open and allowed contractors to access the building with the Scando 650. The OCTO Platform provided roof access up to 185 feet high and access platforms starting at the 8th floor added support for 7200 lbs.

Read more about the Clancey & They project


Scaffolding Solutions provided the scaffolding and material hoist for MeadWestVaco as they embarked on a project to renovate their Richmond headquarters.

Bruton Parish Church Repair

Scaffolding Solutions was proud to provide the scaffolding necessary for a stunning restoration of the Bruton Parish Church tower.

The architects and restorers needed scaffolding set up quickly and safely for further examination of the structure and that’s why they turned to us. We made sure that they could safely navigate the scaffolding to examine the tower and patch it where necessary.

Dam Neck Radar Tower

The Damn Neck Radar Tower required a unique scaffolding solution to get workers and equipment to the top. The OCTO scaffolding provided safe and efficient vertical access for the team working on the tower.

Chatham City Courthouse

If a building could tell a story this historic building could tell us many! As the restoration and rebuild of the Chatham City Courthouse in Pittsboro unfolded, the building itself started to reveal its magnificence. We were humbled that our scaffolding assisted in that revelation.

Courthouse Clock Tower

Scaffolding Solutions erected scaffolding to support the renovation of the old courthouse in Warrenton, Virginia. Six levels of scaffolding had to be constructed around the clock tower approximately 80 feet above the street level.

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From our wide array of services, Scaffolding Solutions can provide assistance from scaffolding to elevators and hoists. For more information, contact us today or find an office location near you.

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