Trash Chutes

Scaffolding Solutions supplies, designs, and installs trash and waste chutes for all types of demolition and construction projects. We provide high quality, safe, and competitively priced chutes from small jobs to high rise buildings and everything in between.

We’ll design a chute that’s right for your job, install it onsight, and disassemble it when you’re ready saving you both time and money. We offer both plastic and steel construction trash chutes designed to meet the needs of your job site.

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Steel Chutes

Steel chutes are built for large renovation or new construction projects and can withstand heavy debris. The thick steel design ensures that whatever you throw down this chute will land exactly where you want it.

Plastic Chutes

Plastic chutes are a go-to for general contractors in remodeling and roofing projects. These plastic construction chutes are lightweight, weatherproof, and durable.

You can count on the team at Scaffolding Solutions to set you up with the right type of chute for your needs.

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