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Here at Scaffolding Solutions, we provide construction sites with scaffolding and their accessories. With more than 15 years of experience in South Carolina, we offer a safe and professional solution for your scaffolding needs.

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Scaffolding Services

With our exclusive use of the Turner OCTO® and +8 products on construction, industrial, and restoration projects, you can be sure that you’re using only the safest and most reliable equipment. Our team local to South Carolina will come to erect and take down the scaffolding as well as ensure it’s safety during your use.


Scaffolding solutions have more than just a great scaffolding service, we also provide containment solutions for your worksite with products as simple as a privacy fence to more comprehensive needs to our mesh debris construction tarps. A few of our most commonly used containment products include:

  • Basic debris netting
  • Safety debris netting
  • Privacy fence netting
  • Personnel safety netting
  • Printed mesh netting
  • Heavy duty debris netting
  • Mesh debris tarps

More heavy duty containment solutions are necessary for some work environments and we’re equipped to give you the right equipment to get your worksite prepared for the weather or falling debris. Here are some of our best selling construction tarps:

Common construction tarps include:

  • Flame retardant poly tarps
  • Snow lifting tarps
  • Mesh screen tarps
  • Nylon tarps
  • Insulated tarps
  • Mesh debris tarps
Common containment tarps include:

  • Coated airbag tarps
  • Coated ripstop tarps
  • Vinyl tarps
  • Durashield tarps
  • Canvas tarps

Elevators & Hoists

When the worksite is large enough most construction crews require elevators or hoists to be able to transport both their workers as well as materials around the construction site effectively. We’re committed to outfitting your work site with only the most dependable and safest elevators and hoists on the market.

Here are some of the elevators or hoists you’ll need depending on your project scope:

  • General Construction Hoist, Lift, or Platforms
  • Industrial Elevators
  • Material Hoists
  • Transport Platforms


Scaffolding solutions is proud to provide our clients with only the safest shoring solutions for their projects. Our team will personally assess and customize our Waco-style Hi-load shoring system for your project, the same shoring the has been proven best to use across the construction industry.
Using shoring is a popular method for building stabilization in projects such as:

  • Building expansions
  • Adaptive reuse and building reconfiguration
  • Load bearing wall changes
  • Remodeling and structural renovation

Trash Chutes

In addition to containment, shoring, and scaffolding, we also provide your worksite with trash and waste chutes in every situation from high rises to smaller structures. Our team is committed to helping as much with the large details of scaffolding as we are to the smaller needs.

Let us provide a safe work environment with our scaffolding solutions by giving us a call or emailing us for a free quote.

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