At Scaffolding Solutions, we offer premium swing stage scaffolding that can be used in a variety of applications. Each component of our swing stage systems is of the highest quality, from the Bisomac hoist motors and xxxx to the stirrups and Altrex platform decks, making them the most reliable additions to your elevated work areas. Unique applications and custom deck configuations available for your most challenging projects.

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About Swing Stage Scaffolding

Swing stage scaffolds are the most common type of suspended platforms, and they’re generally used in high-elevation applications, such as:

  • Building maintenance
  • Window cleaning
  • Installing signage
  • Painting
  • Building exterior finishing
  • Elevated access for narrow, hard-to-reach areas

In a swing stage scaffold, the platform is suspended from two points by cables or ropes, which are fixed to stirrups on each side of the platform. This configuration allows the stage to be raised and lowered easily with the use of hoist motors.

While swing stage scaffolds are typically used in exterior building maintenance and construction, they also serve well in indoor applications. Their versatility and lack of material supports make them great ways to access narrow or hard-to-navigate areas in a facility, particularly when it comes to temporary work solutions.

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Advantages of Swing Stage Scaffolding

Swing stage platforms are lightweight, versatile and perfect for high-elevation work applications. It’s faster and easier to reach higher heights than with other scaffolding configurations, and there’s minimal material cost involved.

Additional benefits include:

  • Quick vertical transportation in lightweight applications
  • Lower material cost
  • Highly efficient workflows
  • Simpler to set up and take down than other suspended platform configurations
  • Easy transportation and storage when not in use

As long as your application doesn’t involve heavy-duty materials or equipment, swing stage scaffolding is an efficient way to work at height. Being able to hoist the platform up and down allows for simpler materials transport and quicker workflows in numerous applications.

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Quality Swing Stage Platforms from Altrex

Altrex offers a wide range of suspended platforms, including decks that can be easily used in swing stage configurations. Their MHB60 decks reach up to 21 meters in length, and allow for double deck and double wide platforms. Every piece is modular, giving you the ability to build the exact platform setup you need for your situation.

Our partnership with Altrex enables us to provide these high-quality platforms to our customers, along with other reliable components.

Swing Stage Hoist Motors from Bee Access

We’ve entered a dealer partnership with Bee Access, who offers the most sophisticated and reliable hoist motors on the market. Since 1996, they have provided superior suspended access equipment for both temporary and permanent solutions.

Bee Access’s latest swing stage hoist motor, the BISOMAC308, is the most innovative model on the market, with capacities of over 1200 pounds and sturdy, straightforward construction. This motor gets a great deal of mileage out of a design that makes use of as few different parts as possible, so it’s easy to operate and maintain.

Build The Right Swing Stage Scaffolding For Your Project

The swing stage scaffolding solutions we deliver are custom, which means you’ll be able to build the platform you need for working at height in your industry. Each of our systems is designed with your requirements in mind.

At Scaffolding Solutions, we believe strongly in integrity, safety, and professionalism, and we work hard to provide the best possible service to our customers.

We’ll help you build the perfect suspension system for your application, whether you’re performing outdoor building maintenance or need to reach high indoor areas.

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