Scaffolding Solutions will meet with our client to solve any of their access needs and requirements as well as establishing a budget for this work.

Erection and Dismantling

Scaffolding Solutions utilizes Turner OCTO® scaffolding and our professional erectors to erect and the scaffolding to accommodate the needs of our clients. We then dismantle the scaffolding at the end of the project.

Labor Services

Scaffolding Solutions has locally based professional crews for faster response, especially in emergency situations. Our outstanding safety record is evidence of our commitment to the safety our employees, customers and the public.

Complete Project Management

Scaffolding Solutions is your one stop supplier of scaffold services. We can manage your scaffold project from start to finish including delivery, erection and dismantling.

+8’s High Productivity

+8’s unique design allows for better productivity by eliminating barriers between the scaffold and the area that needs to be worked on