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Scaffolding Solutions is a full-service scaffolding engineering firm founded in 2002 on the business concept of delivering excellence in everything that we do.

Guided by our business concept we have expanded to serve Washington DC, Virginia, Georgia, and Carolinas. We serve a number of markets from commercial to government institutions with a track record of excellent service.

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Scaffolding Services For The Greenville Area


Our company is committed to giving you a safe experience, from the erection to the dismantling of our scaffolding for your project. The Scaffolding Solutions commitment to excellence starts with the tools we use including our exclusive use of the Turner OCTO® scaffolding that our Greenville based team will deliver and oversee for the duration of your project.


debris netting in Greenville

Safety starts with reliable, durable, and functional containment of your worksite, that’s where Scaffolding Solutions comes in. We have been outfitting construction sites of all types for almost two decades. The debris netting we offer include:

  • Basic debris netting
  • Safety debris netting
  • Privacy fence netting
  • Personnel safety netting
  • Printed mesh netting
  • Heavy duty debris netting
  • Mesh debris tarps

Many companies over the years have chosen to utilize containment tarps instead of or in conjunction with containment nets. Tarps decrease the visibility of the covered area and offer a higher degree of containment. They also serve to protect from elements like rain and wind. Scaffolding solutions is your one stop shop for both containment tarps and nets.

Common containment tarps include:

  • Coated airbag tarps
  • Coated ripstop tarps
  • Vinyl tarps
  • Durashield tarps
  • Canvas tarps
Common construction tarps include:

  • Flame retardant poly tarps
  • Snow lifting tarps
  • Mesh screen tarps
  • Nylon tarps
  • Insulated tarps
  • Mesh debris tarps

Elevators & Hoists

Construction elevators play a critical role in your ability to distribute people, equipment, and materials throughout a job site. There are several factors to consider when trying to determine which hoist or lift is right for your job. Contact us and we can help you determine which elevator or hoist will suit your needs.

You may need one or mmore of the following:

  • General Construction Hoist, Lift, or Platforms
  • Industrial Elevators
  • Material Hoists
  • Transport Platforms


shoring in GreenvilleAre you looking for temporary shoring solutions for your building stabilization? Trust the team at Scaffolding Solutions to meet your shoring needs.

  • Building expansions
  • Adaptive reuse and building reconfiguration
  • Load bearing wall changes
  • Remodeling and structural renovation

Our experienced team of engineers uses the industry standard Waco-style Hi-Load shoring system. They will assess, evaluate, and design a custom shoring solution to match your exact needs.

Trash Chutes

Whether you need a waste chute for a small job site or a highrise building, you can count on the team at Scaffolding Solutions to design it just for you. Chutes are critical for keeping a job site clean, but at often overlooked.

If you’re looking for a professional and safe scaffolding solution for your project in Greenville, NC give us a call or email us and get a free quote.

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